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Recycling Program

Printer Cartridge and Cellular Phones Recycling Program

Don't throw away your OLD PRINTER TONER/INKJET CARTRIDGES or OLD CELL PHONES!  Collect them and help US earn FREE school supplies and technology equipment for our students. 

Our PTA coordinates this program at Walton School.  A brief description of the ETCEP program follows: 
Each year, American households and businesses consume and throw away over 243 million inkjet printer cartridges.  These cartridges contribute over 200 million pounds of solid waste to our nation's landfills.  This is a significant environmental concern!  What's most surprising is these empty cartridges have an economic value of up to $10 each.  With over $550 million dollars worth of empty cartridges being thrown away this year alone, throwing away empty cartridges is like throwing away money!

The ETCEP Program encourages learning institutions across the country to collect empty laser and inkjet printer cartridges from their community.  These include cartridges consumed in both homes and businesses.  Collected cartridges earn points, which are then exchanged for technology supplies and equipment.  In this way ETCEP connects community, education and the environment!

WE ALSO COLLECT USED GLUE STICKS AND GO GO SQUEEZE POUCHES. Please send your collection of GO GO SQUEEZE pouches in a clear sealed bag.

Help our school and the environment by sending in your empty printer cartridges, old cell phones, used glue sticks, and Go Go Squeeze pouches to school!